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Wetland Reserve Program (WRP)

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has announced that the initial 2010 signup period for WRP will end Tuesday, February 16, 2010.

The Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) is an easement program which is authorized by the Farm Bill.

[Photo: Wetland restoration –
Brighton Township]
USDA holds easement to the property while the landowner maintains ownership and pays taxes. Easements are available for both 30 year and perpetual easements. Participants will receive a one-time payment for the easement and will, in return, maintain the area for the life of the easement. The easement is an legal document and will be recorded with the property’s deed.
Easement Types

There are two primary types of easements under the WRP as follows:

  1. Fields that were farmed since 1985 and have crop history will qualify. These areas need to be primarily hydric (wetland) soils. To qualify the land must be removed from agricultural production and restored to wetlands. Restoration will include excavation, constructing dikes, destroying drainage system, seeding or tree planting.
  2. Riparian areas along streams can be enrolled. Existing wetlands need to be present for this type of easement. Riparian areas do not need to have crop history.

Easement Payment

WRP easement payments are based on an appraisal of the property. Maximum easement payments for Northeast Ohio will not exceed the following, based on land use:

[Photo: Wetland restoration – Amherst Township]
  • - Cropland ($3,125 per acre),
  • - pasture/grassland ($2,000 per acre),
  • - woodland ($1,700 per acre).

Note that these are one-time payments for perpetual easements. Contracts with 30 year easements will be 75% of these totals.

Application can be taken for WRP enrollment at any time at the NRCS office. This is a competitive state-wide program. Eligibility requirements are very rigid and the actual process can take up to three years to complete for qualifying areas.


Areas accepted in WRP will have use restrictions. Generally these areas can only be used for recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, trapping or hiking. No buildings will be permitted within the easement areas. Trees can be harvested but only according to timber management plans developed by ODNR. Farming, grazing, harvesting of the easement area is prohibited. Annual inspection will be performed by NRCS.


For additional information contact Kevin Kaltenbach at the address above.


August 16, 2017