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NPDES – Phase II
Lorain County Post Construction Rules
(Comprehensive Storm Water Management)

Effective - November 19, 2009

Lorain Soil & Water Conservation District
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The Lorain County Stormwater Management Committee was formed in December 2007 to implement NPDES–Phase II for Lorain County so we can be in compliances with Ohio EPA and the U.S. Clean Water Act of 1972.

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) is part of the requirements for the U.S. Clean Water Act of 1972, a structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into the waters of the United States. Under the Act, the EPA has implemented pollution control programs such as setting wastewater standards for industry and has set water quality standards for all contaminants in surface water. The NPDES permit program controls discharges.

Submit the Post Construction - Comprehensive Storm Water Management Plan Application Form (56 KB) to the Lorain Soil and Water Conservation District in order to apply for a plan review. Fees as documented in the fee schedule and two (2) sets of a Preliminary Comprehensive Storm Water Management Plan must accompany the application. Make checks payable to the Lorain County Commissioners. Lorain SWCD shall review plans within 21 working days after receipt of said plan. Office hours are Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) Checklist for Construction Activities in Lorain County (113 KB) is a checklist and is also helpful for creating the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan. Items on this checklist should be a part of plan design to help prevent deficiencies. This checklist will be used when Lorain SWCD reviews all SWP3s and ESC Plans.

In summary, the Post Construction Rules have been adopted to establish technically feasible and economically reasonable standards to achieve a level of management and conservation practices in order to abate soil erosion and degradation of the waters of the State by soil sediment on land used or being developed for non-farm commercial, industrial, residential or other non-farm purposes, to establish criteria for determination of the acceptability of such management and conservation practices and/or best management practices (BMPs). These rules apply to soil-disturbing activities on land within the unincorporated areas of Lorain County.

For further information, please download the Lorain County Comprehensive Storm Water Management Rules (656 KB). Please download the Sediment Basin Data Sheet (46 KB) and the Sediment Trap Data Sheet (39 KB) for your calculations.

Submit the Comprehensive Storm Water Management Application Form (56 KB) to Lorain Soil and Water Conservation District in order to apply for a plan review. Fees as documented in the fee schedule must accompany the application and plans.

To help understand the type of components required in an ESC Plan, download the document Checklist for Preparation of Comprehensive Storm Water Management Plan for Submission to Lorain SWCD (76 KB).

For changes/updates to your Post Construction Plan, please download the SWP3 Amendment Log Sheet (24 KB). Please submit all changes/updates to Lorain SWCD.


August 16, 2017