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Construction Entrance

Construction entrances for ingress/egress to localized soil disturbances are an essential component of erosion control on all residential and commercial construction sites. They are necessary to keep tires clean and prevent sediment from being tracked onto the roadway. They are constructed of at least a six-inch bed of stone or clean recycled concrete spread out on a geotextile fabric that prevents the stone from sinking into the soil over the course of their use.

The most common problem with this form of erosion control is the absence of fabric underneath the stone. Many contractors who don’t use fabric are forced to add additional stone to their entrance before the completion of the project. A construction entrance is useless unless it is used by all of the contractors entering and leaving the site.

ODNR Rainwater and Land Development Manual Specifications:

  • Stone Size – Two inch stone shall be used, or recycled cement equivalent.
  • Length – The construction entrance shall be as long as required to stabilize high traffic areas but not less than 50 ft. (except on single residence lots where a 30 ft. minimum length applies).
  • Thickness – The stone layer shall be at least 6 inches thick.
  • Bedding – A geotextile shall be placed over the entire area prior to placing stone. It shall have a Grab Tensile Strength of at least 200 lbs. and a Mullen Burst strength of at least 190 lbs.
  • Culvert – A pipe or culvert shall be constructed under the entrance if needed to prevent surface water flowing across the entrance from being directed out onto paved surfaces.
  • Water Bar – A water bar shall be constructed as part of the construction entrance if needed to prevent surface runoff from flowing the length of the construction entrance and out onto paved surfaces.
  • Maintenance – Top dressing of additional stone shall be applied as conditions demand. Mud spilled, dropped, washed or tracked onto public roads or any surface where runoff is not checked by sediment controls shall be removed immediately.

Download a PDF version of this bulletin #08-002 Constuction Entrance.


August 16, 2017